Starflight Stick-to-it-ive-ness

Things are slowing down a bit here, as you may have noticed. Unfortunately, I appear to have over-volunteered myself for leisure activities, like this one.

A number of different side projects have been on my plate lately—Starflight and this blog, a desire to contribute to OCReMix (and a brand new copy of Ableton Live, thanks to Vyxor), and of course a desire to get into both physical and financial shape. There are also a ton of wonderful games to play—Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3 with friends, Galaxy on Fire 2 on iOS, and now—thanks to my wife’s urging—a recently re-activated copy of World of Warcraft.

Between this and increasing work commitments, we’ll see how long Starflight can hold up. I certainly intend to try to keep posting here, but don’t be surprised if the rate of posting slows down a bit.

Published by Malgayne

Community Manager at Google. Formerly at Sourcebits, Spark Plug Games, Zynga, and I like chiptunes and hefeweizen.

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