To Those Concerned About “Real Men”

There have been a lot of articles written lately, I have noticed, on the subject of manhood—specifically, the dearth of what the writers fondly call “real men.” A few days ago someone I know shared an article citing Ray Romano as the embodiment of what’s wrong with modern men. Just this morning I was linkedContinue reading “To Those Concerned About “Real Men””

A Word About Depression

Between the recent tragic passing of Aaron Swartz, and the increase in interest in mental health care following the Sandy Hook massacre, I’ve seen a lot of confusion and misunderstanding lately about the role of anti-depressant medication, and the increased risk of suicide and homicidal behavior. I want to set the record straight on this.Continue reading “A Word About Depression”

Starflight Stick-to-it-ive-ness

Things are slowing down a bit here, as you may have noticed. Unfortunately, I appear to have over-volunteered myself for leisure activities, like this one. A number of different side projects have been on my plate lately—Starflight and this blog, a desire to contribute to OCReMix (and a brand new copy of Ableton Live, thanks toContinue reading “Starflight Stick-to-it-ive-ness”

Starflight Part 5: A Few Actual Things Happen

So after a brief respite I dive back into Starflight, in the hopes of actually exploring a bit of the galaxy. After a bit of work I’m getting a little more comfortable with the UI, and I’ve started being able to enter codes from the manual in record time. I’ve explored a number of theContinue reading “Starflight Part 5: A Few Actual Things Happen”

Starflight Part 4: Through A Glass, Darkly

One of the things I find the most interesting about this era of gaming is the clunky UIs. The UI in Starflight is a nightmare by modern standards—almost by any standards, really. But the reason why it’s a nightmare is because to the developers of Starflight, the consistency of the game’s internal logic trumped any considerationsContinue reading “Starflight Part 4: Through A Glass, Darkly”