Starflight Part 3: What Should Probably Have Been Part 1

So the good folks at have a manual on file for Starflight, which I have appropriated for my usage and read through in an embarrassed flurry of activity. In the process I have learned a number of interesting things. First: Backstory! Starflight begins in the year 4619, on a planet called Arth. This is anContinue reading “Starflight Part 3: What Should Probably Have Been Part 1”

Starflight Part 2: Mistakes Are Made

So DOSBox is up and running,  I’ve spent 15 minutes of trial and error trying to figure out which graphics mode to use, and ignored the copy protection warning which suggests that I may be vaporized by Interstel Corporate Police for playing an unauthorized copy of the game, it’s time to play some Starflight! ThisContinue reading “Starflight Part 2: Mistakes Are Made”

Starflight Part 1: Harder Than I Thought

So obviously, you can’t just sit down and play a DOS game from 1986 on a modern system without doing your homework first. The first thing I had to do was get it running. First things first: I downloaded and installed the Mac version of DosBox, a DOS emulator designed specifically with gaming in mind.Continue reading “Starflight Part 1: Harder Than I Thought”

The Starflight Project

So recently I decided I wanted to play Starflight. For those of you who don’t know, Starflight is a DOS game originally released in 1986. It’s also the grand-daddy of all space-exploration games, and serves as the primary point of inspiration of a number of other successful games—including SunDog: Frozen Legacy, Star Control 2, and the MassContinue reading “The Starflight Project”

What Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter Project COULD Mean

Posted this on Facebook and I figured it belonged here as well. I’m very interested in this project of Tim Schafer’s. Darius Kazemi makes some interesting points about it in this article: What I wonder about is basically this. Tim Schafer can do this not because his game concept is brilliant—at this point he hasn’t publiclyContinue reading “What Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter Project COULD Mean”