Inspired by the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (which deserves a post of its own for another time) I’ve been re-reading the Ultimate X-Men series from the early 2000’s.  Partially because of the third X-Men movie (My disappointment with which has already been catalogued elsewhere), the Phoenix storyline has quickly become among my favoriteContinue reading “Endsong”

The Benefit of the Doubt

Just recently, the update to Blazblue: Calamity Trigger was released (that’s Blazblue: Continuum Shift, or BBCS), the newest fighting game by Aksys Games. I’m a big fan, and I have a lot of reactions to it, and the nature of fighting games in general, but first, I want to tell you about something that happenedContinue reading “The Benefit of the Doubt”

Guest Post: Acting Without Acting

Admin Note: I belong to a circle of close friends who all have very strong opinions on the gaming industry.  Because of this, you should be seeing a number of posts from other authors coming down the pipe here.  I’m very excited about the possibilities here—perhaps eventually we’ll operate our very own gaming editorial site.Continue reading “Guest Post: Acting Without Acting”