Apple and Tylenol: A Study in Corporate Communication and Crisis Management

Apple has responded to these concerns in a hilariously inept open letter.  I’ve added a few paragraphs to the end of the post to discuss this. I can say these with complete confidence as I type this on my MacBook Pro, while listening to music on iTunes and waiting for my brand new iPhone 4Continue reading “Apple and Tylenol: A Study in Corporate Communication and Crisis Management”

The Evolution of the Community Manager

In the process of reading the GamePro article I linked yesterday, I missed some critical information.  Specifically, I seem to have glossed over this damning paragraph: To be fair to Amrich and to explore why so many community managers find themselves in these “blurry” situations, we should look at how the role of community managerContinue reading “The Evolution of the Community Manager”

Community Management and the New PR

GamePro posted an article yesterday which I consider required reading for anyone who doesn’t feel like they really understand what a “community manager” does. The article can be found here: The inspiration for this was something that happened to Dan Amrich, a friend of mine who recently became the Social Media Manager at Activision.Continue reading “Community Management and the New PR”

Bobby Kotick: The Supervillain of the Games Industry

The image seen at right is taken from a Facebook group called “Gamers against Bobby Kotick & Activision“. The description of the group says the following: Bobby Kotick CEO of Activision, now famous for his apparent hate of video games. He has said a lot things that would make any gamers blood boil, words likeContinue reading “Bobby Kotick: The Supervillain of the Games Industry”

GDC 2010: T-Shirts and Sport Coats

Last week, my brother and I drove up to San Francisco for the Game Developer’s Conference.  It’s the first time I’ve attended the GDC in San Francisco, though I did attend the GDC in Austin two years ago.  My brother Will has attended several at this point—on the drive up to San Francisco I amContinue reading “GDC 2010: T-Shirts and Sport Coats”