To Those Concerned About “Real Men”

There have been a lot of articles written lately, I have noticed, on the subject of manhood—specifically, the dearth of what the writers fondly call “real men.” A few days ago someone I know shared an article citing Ray Romano as the embodiment of what’s wrong with modern men. Just this morning I was linkedContinue reading “To Those Concerned About “Real Men””

How Chemicals In Your Brain Make You A Jerk On The Internet

I’ve recently picked up a copy of Jonah Lehrer’s How We Decide, a book I haven’t yet completed but (so far) highly recommend.  The book itself is about behavioral psychology and neuroscience, but I found it specifically enlightening in regards to the study of community management. Anyone who does business with people online is familiarContinue reading “How Chemicals In Your Brain Make You A Jerk On The Internet”

Apple and Tylenol: A Study in Corporate Communication and Crisis Management

Apple has responded to these concerns in a hilariously inept open letter.  I’ve added a few paragraphs to the end of the post to discuss this. I can say these with complete confidence as I type this on my MacBook Pro, while listening to music on iTunes and waiting for my brand new iPhone 4Continue reading “Apple and Tylenol: A Study in Corporate Communication and Crisis Management”

Facebook Privacy and Mind-Reading

I have always believed that, as a culture, mind-reading was the solution to all of our problems. This sounds like a joke, but I prefer to think of it as a thought experiment.  Imagine, if you will, that everyone in the world could read minds. Think of the changes and the effect that would haveContinue reading “Facebook Privacy and Mind-Reading”