Bobby Kotick: The Supervillain of the Games Industry

The image seen at right is taken from a Facebook group called “Gamers against Bobby Kotick & Activision“. The description of the group says the following: Bobby Kotick CEO of Activision, now famous for his apparent hate of video games. He has said a lot things that would make any gamers blood boil, words likeContinue reading “Bobby Kotick: The Supervillain of the Games Industry”

Learning the Game of Life

In my last post, I talked about the “magic number”—10,000 hours, the amount of dedicated practice time that it requires to become a master at a certain skill.  I reference the fact that as it stands currently, the average gamer will have 10,000 hours of gaming experience under his belt by age 21.  We areContinue reading “Learning the Game of Life”

Organizing Your Digital Life

So I’ve just spent most of the afternoon trying to organize my digital self.  It’s kind of the online equivalent of cleaning out your desk.  I’ve consolidated all of my emails down into one gmail account, updated all my passwords, brushed up my LinkedIn and my facebook…all that’s left now is to try to fixContinue reading “Organizing Your Digital Life”

Want a Clean PC? Better Get It From Microsoft

According to Gizmodo, all PCs sold in the new Microsoft Store will be sold completely free of “bloatware”—all those obnoxious free trials and antivirus nags that seem to come with all new Windows PCs these days. The author of the original article praises Microsoft appropriately for this, and then (interestingly) goes on to beg MicrosoftContinue reading “Want a Clean PC? Better Get It From Microsoft”