The “Mass Effect” Effect: Emergent Storytelling in Games

The Apple fiasco of the past few weeks has been the subject of much discussion, and I have some thoughts I’d like to publish on Apple’s response (which was a fair to middling handling of the crisis, though it still doesn’t entirely make up for their abysmal handling of the issue up until that point).Continue reading “The “Mass Effect” Effect: Emergent Storytelling in Games”

The Hero RTS and the Power of Choice

So I’m pretty sure the way it all worked out was like this: Waaaaaaaay back before July 2002 (A dark time, before the release of World of Warcraft, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Lord of the Rings Online, or indeed any good MMORPG other than Everquest), a Blizzard Entertainment development team sat down to brainstorm ideasContinue reading “The Hero RTS and the Power of Choice”