How Chemicals In Your Brain Make You A Jerk On The Internet

I’ve recently picked up a copy of Jonah Lehrer’s How We Decide, a book I haven’t yet completed but (so far) highly recommend. ┬áThe book itself is about behavioral psychology and neuroscience, but I found it specifically enlightening in regards to the study of community management. Anyone who does business with people online is familiarContinue reading “How Chemicals In Your Brain Make You A Jerk On The Internet”

The Evolution of the Community Manager

In the process of reading the GamePro article I linked yesterday, I missed some critical information. ┬áSpecifically, I seem to have glossed over this damning paragraph: To be fair to Amrich and to explore why so many community managers find themselves in these “blurry” situations, we should look at how the role of community managerContinue reading “The Evolution of the Community Manager”

Community Management and the New PR

GamePro posted an article yesterday which I consider required reading for anyone who doesn’t feel like they really understand what a “community manager” does. The article can be found here: The inspiration for this was something that happened to Dan Amrich, a friend of mine who recently became the Social Media Manager at Activision.Continue reading “Community Management and the New PR”