How Chemicals In Your Brain Make You A Jerk On The Internet

I’ve recently picked up a copy of Jonah Lehrer’s How We Decide, a book I haven’t yet completed but (so far) highly recommend.  The book itself is about behavioral psychology and neuroscience, but I found it specifically enlightening in regards to the study of community management. Anyone who does business with people online is familiarContinue reading “How Chemicals In Your Brain Make You A Jerk On The Internet”

The “Mass Effect” Effect: Emergent Storytelling in Games

The Apple fiasco of the past few weeks has been the subject of much discussion, and I have some thoughts I’d like to publish on Apple’s response (which was a fair to middling handling of the crisis, though it still doesn’t entirely make up for their abysmal handling of the issue up until that point).Continue reading “The “Mass Effect” Effect: Emergent Storytelling in Games”

The Hero RTS and the Power of Choice

So I’m pretty sure the way it all worked out was like this: Waaaaaaaay back before July 2002 (A dark time, before the release of World of Warcraft, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Lord of the Rings Online, or indeed any good MMORPG other than Everquest), a Blizzard Entertainment development team sat down to brainstorm ideasContinue reading “The Hero RTS and the Power of Choice”

How Interactive Are Videogames?

Natalie here (turns out “Natalie” is already taken as a wordpress username … who knew?). Let me start this post with an acknowledgment, followed by a confession.  The acknowledgment: I am bound by secret gamer law to hate Roger Ebert and all his works.  This is, of course, because Ebert once said (and to myContinue reading “How Interactive Are Videogames?”

Community Management and the New PR

GamePro posted an article yesterday which I consider required reading for anyone who doesn’t feel like they really understand what a “community manager” does. The article can be found here: The inspiration for this was something that happened to Dan Amrich, a friend of mine who recently became the Social Media Manager at Activision.Continue reading “Community Management and the New PR”