I Just Can’t Stop

I’m more than prepared to move on to another topic right now, but every time I try something new pops up into my Google Reader. It seems that what’s been on my mind has been on everybody’s mind, as I saw both of these news stories today: From Kotaku: How World of Warcraft Could ChangeContinue reading “I Just Can’t Stop”

Learning the Game of Life

In my last post, I talked about the “magic number”—10,000 hours, the amount of dedicated practice time that it requires to become a master at a certain skill.  I reference the fact that as it stands currently, the average gamer will have 10,000 hours of gaming experience under his belt by age 21.  We areContinue reading “Learning the Game of Life”

Casey Monroe, World-Class Gaming Expert

Some of you may know that in addition to writing this blog, I am also the editor of the Wowhead Blog.  One of our volunteer staffers on Wowhead is a guy named Evgeni Kirilov (known on the site as ArgentSun) who I work with a lot.  He wrote a post two days ago that IContinue reading “Casey Monroe, World-Class Gaming Expert”